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Mobile Telephony is the most pervasive technology today. Citex Software's mission is to imagine and realize novel mobile services that increase the benefits of mobile telephony to the individual users, to the business world, and to the mobile operators.

We are developing new concepts that will revolutionize the business world. We will present to the business world innovative communication and transaction models to simplify their operations and to further extend their reach.

The attachment of the mobile users to their phones will grow as the utility of those handsets moves beyond just making simple phone calls and exchanging personal text messages.

Citex Software's new business concepts and the resulting increase user attachment to their mobile phones will create new revenue streams for the mobile operators and will strengthen the users' loyalty to their services.

Our innovations are taking us into:

  • Mobile Advertising,
  • Mobile Commerce,
  • Mobile CRM, and
  • Mobile Entertainment


Mobile Advertising

Citex Software is developing a unique mobile advertising platform that addresses the mobile operators' need to create new revenue streams. Our platform can be customized based on the exact service model the operator is planning to deploy. Our service is scalable and has been designed to permit serving multiple mobile operators concurrently without compromising the security of the operators and their subscribers.

Mobile Commerce

Citex Software is creating a mobile commerce platform that enables mobile operators and their business partners to build a market place for time-critical services and products which is available to the users any time anywhere.