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CITEX Limousine, a provider of luxury car rental service was established in Jan. 2007 as a further expansion of CITEX operations offering a world class car rental service tailored to clients’ needs. The company has a finely selected fleet of cars to offer clients optimum satisfaction composed of 13 cars, Toyota Corolla as standard cars in addition to Prado and Mercedes E-Compressor as deluxe cars.
CITEX Limousine has an Operations Department responsible for having all company operations running smooth in addition to supervising a group of qualified, professionally-trained and well-educated drivers.
CITEX Limousine Financial Department is headed by CITEX Chief Financial Officer in addition to accountants on both the junior and senior levels to handle the company’s financial matters.
CITEX Limousine offers car rental services tailored to all needs whether it is tourism, business or individual needs, we are always ready to take clients’ request.
CITEX Limousine also offers a car rental service for companies throughout the year through corporate deals with various companies.
Our team believes in true customer satisfaction which means exceeding customer expectations, that is moving from customer satisfaction to customer delight.

Our belief rests on the following key elements:

Service Quality “Creating true Customers, who are glad they selected CITEX Limousine, and they will select it again.
Reliability “High ability to perform the promised service dependably, accurately and continuously.”
Assurance “Possession of the required skills and knowledge to perform the service.
Responsiveness “High Willingness to help customers and provide prompt services.