LOGIC Management Consulting is a key regional player in management consulting and management services in the Middle East & Africa regions. Established in 1998, our goal was clear: to bridge the gap between the developing management society in the Middle East and its counterpart in the west.

LOGIC Management Consulting are Delivering the Following Services:

  • Management Training
    Providing practical training that will generate immediate business results.
  • Management Consulting
    LOGIC Consulting Team covers the whole business spectrum that ranges from setting the overall corporate strategy to delivering operational improvement through implementation of action plans.
  • Market Research
    Research International works on creating knowledge rather than just providing only data and information. We are also known to our client’s for being able to identify their questions or identifying their problems in addition to being the only agency offering a complete innovation journey from insight and ideation to testing and monitoring and with a database of 24,000 examples giving us a unique learning on what makes products work.